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52 Ways to Say I Love You

I am writing this because I know that there are people who need ideas on this subject, but I have to be honest. You need to know your audience. You know better than I do what would make your significant other, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. happy. Still, I have gathered a list of ideas that may help, just in case you are suffering from a lack of inspiration. In honor of Valentine’s Day…

  1. Tell someone you love them – it is just that simple.
  2. Prepare a romantic meal – or prepare their favorite meal
  3. Bake heart-shaped cookies- or a heart-shaped cake.
  4. Take over their household responsibilities for a week or a month.
  5. Make reservations in a bed and breakfast.
  6. Give a living gift: a blooming plant, bush, or tree.
  7. Name a star for them.
  8. Adopt an animal at a zoo, if they love animals.
  9. Take time to learn about one of their hobbies or interests.
  10. List the top 10 romantic memories that you share with them.
  11. Buy flowers for your partner’s mother to thank her for bringing such a special person into the world.
  12. Write a “101 Reasons I Love You” list.
  13. Go back to the place you had your first date with your partner.
  14. Make a Valentine’s card by hand
  15. Mail a card full of love and loving thoughts even if you live together.
  16. Tell your partner how proud you are of them.
  17. Support your partner through thick and thin.
  18. Wrap your arms around your partner and hug them enthusiastically.
  19. Learn to say “I love you” in different languages to surprise your partner.
  20. Read a romantic poem to your partner over drinks – and in candlelight or romantic lighting.
  21. Make homemade candy for your partner.
  22. Do a chore that they really hate so that they don’t have to worry about it.
  23. Talk to their family about things you might do that would make them happy.
  24. Call your partner or email them over the course of the day to let them know you are thinking of them.
  25. Go to see a movie that you wouldn’t normally go see, in order to make your partner happy.
  26. Develop a ritual with your partner: give each other a warm hug every night as soon as you are both home, sit and have a cup of coffee together first thing in the morning, cuddle on the couch and watch a tv show together before bed, etc.
  27. Surprise your significant other with a nice meal, with candles and music.
  28. Write a love letter and mail it to them.
  29. Write a number of small love notes and place them in places that your significant other will look.
  30. Put a love note in their lunch!
  31. Send them a love note (a mild one, mind!) to their email each morning.
  32. Send them a love text message!
  33. Cross stitch a simple, romantic mug
  34. Give your partner a little quiet time at the end of the day so that they can unwind, if that is what they need – even if you are eager to talk about the day.
  35. Look for little things that you can do to help your partner unwind at the end of the day: rub feet, make dinner (ok, not such a little thing), straighten, run a warm bath, make a cup of tea, turn on soft music, dim the lights, keep the kids distracted…
  36. Take the kids out for a meal and let your partner have a quiet meal in peace or even a hot bath in peace.  The two of you could have a nice meal together after the kids are in bed.
  37. Arrange for a weekend together at a bed and breakfast.
  38. Give him a back rub.
  39. Watch his favorite sport with him – and try to learn something about it.
  40. Tell him how much you appreciate his help.
  41. Tell him how much you appreciate him participating in your family events.
  42. Make his favorite meal, with his favorite dessert.
  43. Take time to really listen.
  44. Make a list of your 10 favorite romantic memories with your partner, then give it to them.
  45. Write a “101 Reasons I Love You” list.
  46. Write an original love poem for your partner.
  47. Make homemade candy for your partner instead of giving him or her store-bought candy.
  48. Arrange to have your anniversary off every year and spend the entire day together.
  49. Cook a nice meal together.
  50. Do one task each day that they really dread – and do it for them with a smile on your face.
  51. Look for ways to lessen their stress: do something around the house that makes things easier, buy them a stress-relief product for work, get a stress-relief CD, etc.
  52. Cuddle with your partner.  Give them a hug before they leave, whenever that might be.  See them off, wave to them.

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