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December 2014 – Helpful Websites

This isn’t a long post as it is Christmas Eve, but I did want to share some helpful websites that I’ve found over the past month or so.  Now, many people are familiar with these already, but hopefully you’ll find something on this list that is helpful and new to you :-).  If you have suggestions for a list like this in January, please feel free to comment!  I’ll check out your recommendations over the next couple of weeks.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and happy holidays to those who do not.  I hope you all have a wonderful new year!

(I would also like to add that I am not getting paid or reimbursed in any way for any of these recommendations.  They are my own honest thoughts on these websites.  Your mileage may vary.)

  1. DIY Planner – this site is  an awesome source for planners.  They have different categories (such as Psychology, Reference and Time Management).  And SO many choices…if you can’t find something here, well, there’s no hope for it – you will truly have to do it yourself!
  2. Stone Soup For Five – I can’t remember how I found this one, but I think I was searching for information on bullet journals.  I love all things journals and journaling.  At any rate, that’s a good reason to check this blog out.  It is religious, is the “home of the Personal Legacy Bible Study Series”, and has a store.
  3. Yourtango.com – this is an interesting romance-advice-blog site.  It has sections on men, dating, couplehood, sex, and breakups, among others.  I recommend taking a little while to take a look at it.  I found some helpful information here on renewing my relationship with my husband.
  4. BlogLovin’ – This is an interesting way to keep up with multiple blogs.  Apparently, you can add ANY blog that you want to follow and keep up with all of the blogs in one place.  The appearance reminds me of Pinterest, with different posts appearing on one page.  I just thing this is a great idea.  You can also click to Find Blogs, Explore,  and just keep up with what’s hot at the moment.  You can sign up with email or with Facebook.
  5. On a completely different note, the American Psychological Association website has a lot of information on it that I think is valuable.  There are topics such as depression, ethics, learning and memory, race and stress, as well as links for Continuing Education, Divisions, Finding a Psychologist, and PsyCareers.
  6. Good Housekeeping Product Reviews – excellent source of information on many products that they test every year.  There are categories such as Beauty & Makeup, Appliances, Cars & Travel Products, and Health & Fitness.  They also feature “Recently Tested”, and seasonal items like “The Best Wines to Go With the Bird” and “Toy Awards: The Best Picks for 2014”.

Well, I think that is about it for today.  It is probably about it for the year as well.  Life will be pretty busy between now and the end of the year.  I wish anyone reading this all the best in 2015.

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April 2010 Really Useful (Or Amusing) Websites

Disclaimer:  some of these sites are actually professional sites, offering things to purchase (services, etc) and I am not affiliated in any way with any of them.  If I have referred to a site like that, it is simply because I found information on their site helpful or interesting, not because I have used their services – unless I specifically say that I have.

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Really Useful Websites (February 2009)

  • Presidential trivia in time for Presidents’ Day

o Kaboose.com – Presidents’ Day 2009 – I highly recommend taking a look at this site in general, but I found their information on Presidents’ Day, with activities for children, particularly appealing.  There are tabs for crafts, activities, printables, and “All about the Presidents”.

o Snopes – Presidents Day – now here is an interesting article on Presidents’ Day and all of the confusion surrounding the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln.

o Presidents USA – this is quite a collection of links to sites related to the presidents of the United States.  Some are better than others, but I think it is worth taking a little while to look around.

  • Romantic Gift Ideas

o Lovingyou – Need I say more than the name of the site?  There are “every day romance” ideas and gift ideas as well.  There are sections for Date Night, Romantic Travel, and Recipes for Two, and much more.  Well worth some time looking around.

o Romantic Gift Ideas – This site has sections for Date Night, Bedroom, Breakfast Recipes, Dinner Ideas, and Games, among others.  I found interesting ideas on making a bedroom a more romantic place, as well as some good romantic ideas.  I also like the fact that viewers can share stories – that is frequently a great source of inspiration!

  • Humor Sites (or humorous sites!)

o Roadside America – Ok, what’s not to like about this site?  If you are looking for oddities to go see, THIS is the site for you!  If you are looking for an offbeat vacation destination, what better place to start?  There are tips, visitor tips, maps, and a section on hotels as well!  Go browse!  There are even themes, including – and I shudder at the thought – two-story outhouses!

o Southern Humorists – I admit it…I’m a Southerner, so I might be JUST a WEE bit biased on this one, but I enjoyed browsing around this site.  It certainly provides enough material to fill the brief breaks I’m able to take on the computer for quite a while!

  • Black History Sites:  the sites or pages below contained a variety of information that I found useful and interesting.  I’m not claiming that I’m posting anything anyone couldn’t find easily – but I’m posting sites that I felt were well-done.  If anyone reading this has other suggestions, I welcome additions to the list via comments!

o About.com – African-American History

o Biography.com – 101 Facts about African American History

o History.com – Black History Facts

o Black Inventor Online Museum – a wealth of information!

  • Miscellaneous

o Mental Floss – stimulating! I look forward to a subscription in the near future!  (Well, I’m working on it – gotta find the time to read!)

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Really Useful Websites (July 2008)

  1. CCleaner – This is a great (and free) download that will erase unused files on your computer, and clean up your system.  It will protect your privacy by doing things like clearing your browser history.  It is really quick.
  2. Shareware.com – this site has some nice things.  I like the fact that they tell you if something has been tested and is spyware free.  I like the range of things available there and the fact that they include reviews.  They also tell you if the “free” part is simply a trial period.
  3. The Franklin Institute Resources for Science Learning – What a fantastic site! I particularly found the part on the brain interesting; it includes some exercises you can do to help retain your mental acuity.  There is a section for learners and one for educators.  Under the section for learners, you will also find information on careers in science and technology, recommended links, information on the earth, time, and other things.  Looks like a great site to spend some time exploring!
  4. Puzzle Games from RinkWorks – There is an old saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”  It is a good idea to do routine things differently from time to time, to do puzzles, to problem solve – all to stretch your mind a bit and break out of the routine that most people find themselves in.  Here is a site with some puzzles and links to other sources as well.  I love one of their other sites: Computer Stupidities, which is GREAT for a laugh.
  5. Gamequarium – this site has some interesting links to various games, puzzles, and the like on subjects like oceanography, animals, natural disasters, matter, electricity, and the human body.  I only took a few minutes to look into it but it looks like it would be a good educational/fun resource for kids.  Of course, I did notice on one page that it said the links had been verified in 2006, so I’m sure some are outdated now.
  6. Smithsonian Education – I can’t imagine not being able to recommend a Smithsonian site. This one is fantastic. It has sections for educators, families, and students.  Each one has great qualities.  For teachers, there are lesson plans, a way to search for resources, and information on state standards of learning.  You can also find Smithsonian photos in Flickr for the classroom!  For families, there are activity sheets for kids, help in planning a visit to the Smithsonian, and information on child-friendly exhibits in the Smithsonian, DC, and in other places.  For students, there are ways to explore by topic, quizzes, and a section called Smithsonian Kids.
  7. Education Portal – I haven’t had a lot of time to check this site out but it appears to have a good deal of information about online courses and the like all in one place.  I cannot say how reliable it is, but I would say that it is certainly a good place to start if you are looking for information on free online courses or online education in general.
  8. MITOpenCourseware – I believe I may have mentioned this one before, but it bears repeating if so.  MIT offers a large number of courses online for free.  You can also get a monthly update of courses and news.  The courses “May include syllabus, lecture notes, problem and answer sets, labs, readings and reading lists, videos, special features, more” (from their site.) What an incredible opportunity for those who aren’t actually attending!

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Really Useful Websites (June 2008)

  1. Job Hunter’s Bible – the official site for the book “What Color is Your Parachute?”. I haven’t read the book, but I did find useful information/advice here.
  2. Eight Letters in Search of a WordThis is a fantastic addiction; each level has eight letters. There is at least ONE eight-letter word to be formed. You get points for each letter you use. In addition, you must reach a certain point level before time runs out.
  3. Lunchtimers – This is a cute little thing; well, it can be. You can spend a bit of time here, basically chatting with magnetic refrigerator letters. Ok, some players can be crude but it is kind of cute. In addition, they have other games. A definite time-waster.
  4. Spirograph – If you’ve missed playing with a Spirograph, now you can do it online (of course!). No more paper! (Well, if you insist, you can still buy an actual physical one, I think, but I loved this one.)
  5. 1980s Games – Ok, I admit it; I was feeling nostalgic. I loved some of the games from the 1980s so when I found a site online that allowed me to play them for free, I got excited. This is a pretty good site – there were a lot of games I had never even heard of (well, perhaps I’ve forgotten a few…). Anyway, take a look, if you’re waxing nostalgic, like I was.
  6. Unique IQ Tests – this is an interesting one. It is a collection of puzzles. Complete it to see how sharp you are (or aren’t!).
  7. RinkWorks – I think that this site has been around awhile (a long while, really) but it is worth revisiting. I seem to remember spending quite a bit of time browsing their “Computer Stupidities” section. In the humor section, there are summarized books and movies (much funnier than that sounds) and things people said (among other things). Then, there is a section for games and puzzles. All in all, plenty to keep you from your tasks.
  8. Google notebook:  I love this idea from Google.  You can save clips from sites you find online, plus you can save urls with notes in “notebooks.”  This way, you can move the clips/notes around, put then in notebooks by subject, create sections, and so forth.  It is a great way to organize information that you find online and need and/or want to remember.
  9. K Schweizer – a wonderful site for journals, glass pens and pens of other types, inks, handmade journals and so on.  I love it.
  10. Solitaire Central – this is a great site.  It has links to a good number of online solitaire games, as well as rules of variations, and downloads.
  11. Drinknation – I thought this was helpful.  You can check the ingredients that you have and it will list the drinks you can make with those ingredients.
  12. Shopping List (Google) – I’ve never noticed this before, so I have no idea how long it has been available, but I think this is rather nice.  Apparently, you can also make a Wish List via google, which is great since the products on it will not be specific to one website.  I love this idea.  You can add items from your shopping list to your wish list, and you can send your wish list to people.
  13. The Innerwords Messenger – here is a list of self-care tips that is really nice.  The back issues of the newsletter are also good reading.
  14. Name a Star – The international star registry; this is a site where you can name a star as a gift.  I thought it was an interesting idea – something for the person who has everything.  Everyone has at least one in their family!  On the other hand, you may want to take a look at this beforehand, from Space.com.
  15. Makeuseof.com – I’m not really sure HOW to describe this one, other than to say you could spend a bit of time here.  There is an interesting article on “40 Unusual Websites You Should Bookmark” but there is more there than that.  There is a blog, web applications, tips, and reviews.

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