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52 Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts

  1.  Gift basket: cup and saucer, tea, cookies, and sweetener in a nice basket
  2. Foot care basket for the mother on her feet a lot: lotion, scrub, moisturizing socks, and fluffy socks in a nice basket or tin
  3. A gift basket with several of her favorite treats
  4. Gift certificate for dinner to her favorite restaurant and an offer to babysit for the evening
  5. Stationery and tea gift basket for the letter writer
  6. Wine and cheese gift basket for a romantic and/or relaxing evening
  7. Book or books that you know she’d like, with a book mark and a book light
  8. A weekend at a bed and breakfast for a peaceful, relaxing weekend on her own.
  9. Gardening set – there are a lot available on Amazon and in other online shops (as well as gardening centers in most cities, I’m sure)
  10. Take a class together (cooking, wine, computer class, whatever shared interest you might have).
  11. Handmade card from her children or grandchildren
  12. A letter describing all the things about her that you love
  13. For your wife: take the kids out for the afternoon and let her enjoy her home in peace and quiet
  14. A meal cooked and cleaned up by the children and the other parent
  15. List 12, 52, 365 of your favorite memories together.
  16. Clean the house.
  17. Give her a day at the spa.
  18. Cook Mother’s Day Brunch.
  19. Candy bars wrapped in a special, cute printable wrapper (there are some to be found online and of course, you can get creative with markers and crayons and plain paper)
  20. Really high thread count  sheets
  21. Egyptian cotton towels
  22. A notebook with letters between her and the children
  23. A hug
  24. A memory jar
  25. Box of surprises (little things that she likes, wants, or needs – wrapped individually).  Let her open one every so often throughout the day!
  26. Print out her favorite family recipe in a nice font, on nice paper and frame it.
  27. Ask what she really, REALLY wants for Mother’s Day.
  28. Take a picture each Mother’s Day and create a keepsake at some point with all of the pictures.
  29. Start a fun tradition to celebrate with the family.
  30. Order her favorite, hard-to-find treat online.
  31. New gardening tools
  32. New cooking tools
  33. Make tea cup candles (Here is a lovely blog with instructions (and all sorts of other interesting ideas, I might add): http://thefrugalgirls.com/2012/03/how-to-make-teacup-candles.html ).
  34. Fingerprint charm (here is an example: http://diaryofamadcrafter.wordpress.com/2012/05/08/fingerprint-charms/ , another blog that looks like fun!)
  35. Homemade flavored oils
  36. Box of sunshine (here is a good explanation, for those who hadn’t heard of this before: http://happymoneysaver.com/send-a-box-of-sunshine-to-brighten-someones-day/ )
  37. Gift box for the letter writer: stationery, stamps, envelopes, perhaps a seal with wax and a nice pen.
  38. Crocheted, knitted, or sewn cover for their cell phone.
  39. Take her out for tea or coffee and conversation.
  40. Let her do nothing for an entire day, if that is what she really wants.
  41. Take the time to really listen to her and make her feel special
  42. Make coupons: “One week of taking the trash out without complaint”, “One Free Housework Day on the Weekend,” that sort of thing.
  43. Craft supplies for the crafty mother in your life
  44. A movie, popcorn/candy, and soda in a large bowl for movie night
  45. Coffee sampler and a large mug.
  46. Decorate a frame and put your child’s picture in it.
  47. Take her on a picnic.
  48. Make a personalized gift: a calendar with family pictures, a hardcover book with pictures, a blanket with family pictures (I’ve used Wal-Mart for these and gotten GREAT results).
  49. Frame a child’s drawing.
  50. Take her antiquing in a quaint little town.
  51. Plant flowers for her in the flower beds.
  52. Make her lunch for a week and include a love note.

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DVD Gift Basket Ideas

You can create a number of DVD gift baskets by going with a theme. Some ideas that I had for this are:

  1. General DVD basket: A rental certificate to your local or national branch of a DVD rental place, plus candy, microwave popcorn, and some soda. You could put all of this into a large bowl for the popcorn.
  2. Scary movie night: A DVD or two of top scary movies, plus the extras listed above. It helps if you know the recipient’s tastes! You could go with even more of a theme and buy monster movies, space-themed movies, murderer-themed movies, and so forth.
  3. Romantic movie night: Good choices to include are You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, Moonstruck, When Harry Met Sally, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Pretty Woman, One Fine Day, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Nottinghill, Ghost… and I could go on and on. Think about the recipient’s tastes. Does the recipient like older movies? Then go with Roman Holiday and/or Sabrina. If they like Meg Ryan, then Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail are good choices.
  4. Western Theme: Depending on the age of the recipient, you could include children’s “horse movies” like The Black Stallion, Black Beauty, and others in the same vein, or adult features like Unforgiven, Wyatt Earp, Tombstone, Maverick, or of course, any John Wayne movies.
  5. Animated Basket: Go with any known favorites of the recipient, or go with a specific company, like Disney, Pixar, Blue Sky Studios, or others.
  6. Family Gift Basket: For a family gift, you might want to put several different movies together with snacks like popcorn, candy, and perhaps a soda. If there are kids of different ages, consider an animated movie, a “tween” movie, and something for the adults. If you want to cut down on the cost, think about checking out the budget racks at somewhere like Wal-Mart; you can frequently find an older movie for less than $12.

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Gift Baskets for Groups

It is fairly easy to put together a gift basket for groups of people or for multiple recipients. The choice of contents, as usual, simply depends on the recipients. In this case, the environment (office, family, siblings, whole families, church groups, et cetera) also makes a difference.

For offices, some ideas are as follows:

  • Mix of snack items: pretzels (chocolate-covered or plain), nuts (should be a sealed package in case of allergies), popcorn, seasonal candies, cheese and crackers, and so on.
  • Hot chocolates/teas/coffees: It would be easy to buy a variety of whichever of those you chose, then mix and match in a basket. You could even use the multiple packages to put together several similar baskets. If you create a coffee basket, you could include non-dairy creamers (the powdered versions). Another idea is to buy boxes of each (or packages of each, like sampler packages of flavored coffees and flavored hot chocolates) and make a combination basket for an office.
  • Cheese/sausage/pepperoni
  • Mini-muffins
  • Candies – include sugarfree, non-chocolate

If you are talking about a gift basket for multiple adults, then you might consider the following ideas:

  • Poker supplies
  • Card games, pads of paper for score-keeping, and pencils or pens
  • Mixture of candies or snacks (as above)
  • The ingredients for a meal they might enjoy (like fixings for spaghetti, pizza, or soup)

For families, the choices really aren’t much different – it just depends on tastes and on how much you want to spend:

  • Selection of candies: chocolate and non-chocolate, fancy or regular
  • Selection of cookies: homemade is always wonderful, but there is nothing wrong with a variety of store-bought, either!
  • Selection of games: cards, dice (like for a game called “10,000”, Yahtzee, or other small games make a nice basket, if you know that is what they enjoy.
  • Movie night basket: pick a movie that the recipients like or include a gift card to a rental place. Then pick out candies, popcorn, and a soda. Put it all in a big bowl for the popcorn. And there you go – movie night!
  • Pizza making kit: it is easy to find the ingredients for an easy pizza at the supermarket these days. Simply pick out the base, some pre-grated mozzerella (or a cheese they prefer), a jar of pizza sauce and maybe some pepperoni and you are set. If you aren’t going to be able to give it to them quickly, you may want to leave out the cheese and just let the recipients pick the one refrigerated ingredient themselves.
  • Food/games: this could be a combination of snacks and small games like Yahtzee, “10,000”, cards, and so on. If you put the items in a basket with a top or a plastic organizer, then they can store it that way normally, which is nice.

For children, the choices are incredible. A few ideas are:

  • Mad Libs, puzzles, word searches, pencils, pens and paper
  • Mixes of candies/cookies
  • Mix of both of the above

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Ideas for Food Gift Baskets

You can make food gift baskets relatively inexpensively or as expensively as you would like. All it takes really is knowing what your recipient enjoys and going with that basic idea.

For people who love Italian foods, you can make an Italian Night gift basket. I’ve seen this done using a colander as the basket. Line the colander with a kitchen towel, then add a bottle of spaghetti sauce, a loaf of Italian bread, Parmesan cheese, and a box of pasta of some sort. You can also add wine, if you think it appropriate. Another choice for Italian lovers would be a basket with several different Italian wines, cheese, and a CD of Italian musicians.

For those who love chocolates, you can put together a nice Chocolate Lovers’ gift basket easily. If you know that they prefer higher-priced chocolates, simply buy small samplers of Godiva or something similar, along with hot chocolate and a mug to make it in, and maybe some flavorings to add to the hot chocolate. If they like less expensive brands, you could pick out a variety of candy bars and make a basket with those, in addition to some Christmas-themed candies like Santas, chocolate/peanut butter trees, and so on.

For a Bread Lover’s Gift Basket, simply buy several types of quickbread mixes from the grocery store, some mini-loaf pans to bake them in, and the eggs, etc. that you will need to make the loaves. Bake the loves, let them cool, then wrap them well in plastic wrap. Put one or two of each type in the basket, along with a container of honey, a cup with some tea, or maybe a CD that they would like and top it off with a kitchen towel. For something simpler, simply line a basket with a kitchen towel, then place the mini-loaves in the basket, and make that the entire gift. You could also make the mini-loaves as mini-muffins, if you prefer that form.

For a wine, bread, and cheese basket, simply find an appropriate basket and a nice bottle of wine. Then look for a cheese to go with the wine. If you purchase the wine from a winery, you could ask for suggestions. In addition, you should be able to get an inexpensive freshly baked loaf of bread from the grocery store. I would set up the basket just before you leave to deliver it, storing the bread and cheese appropriately.

Some people really enjoy hot chocolate or tea. For a Hot Beverage basket, you can mix and match various packets of flavored or plain hot chocolates, marshmallows, and a mug. For the tea lover, either get them a flavor you know that they like or perhaps get a selection of teas. If it is loose tea, include a tea ball or something similar. You could also include sugar cubes or honey, depending on the preferences of the recipient.

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10 Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets make great gifts and they don’t have to be particularly expensive. Some ingredients mentioned below can be purchased from “dollar stores” or flea markets (like mugs, candles, candle holders, some bath products, lotions, etc.) Here are some ideas that I’ve had on how to put one together without spending too much.

  1. Movie night basket: Get a gift card to a movie rental place for whatever denomination that you think is appropriate, perhaps enough for two movies. Buy movie sized candy bars or boxes of candy, some microwave popcorn, and a two-liter of soda. Place all of these in a basket or box of a suitable size; craft stores often have sales on baskets, or you may find a suitable container at a flea market or yard sale.
  2. Mini loaf basket: Buy some quick bread mix or muffin mix from the store. Mix up and bake mini loaves. You can make several baskets with the loaves. Cushion the bottom of the basket with new dish towels or something else useful like potholders, and place the loaves on it.
  3. Italian night basket: Buy a large colander, put a box of spaghetti in it, along with a nice jar of sauce, some Parmesan cheese, and a fresh loaf of Italian bread. You could include garlic powder or garlic salt and a dessert item as well.
  4. Chocolates basket: If you know someone that likes a particular type of chocolate, like Ghirardelli, buy a selection of candy bars or smaller pieces and put them in a handmade bag or a nice basket lined with a nice piece of cloth. You could tie the candy bars with a nice ribbon as well.
  5. A Get-Well-Quick Basket: For someone with a cold, you could buy several cans of soup, a large mug to eat it out of, some crackers, and maybe something like hot chocolate or a type of tea. You could also add something to do to the basket, like a book, some crossword puzzles, or a movie to watch.
  6. New Baby Basket: A nice gift for a new mother might be a gift basket of little things for the baby, things that people may or may not think to give her at the baby shower: a thermometer, baby washclothes, nail clippers, baby toothbrush, baby cold medicine, baby Tylenol, baby Q-tips, toddler spoons, toddler feeding sets, and the like.
  7. Another new-baby-related basket: Another idea for gifts for new parents is a gift basket for them. You could include bath salts, a bath poof, and body wash, as well as a book for the father, his favorite snacks, and a movie that both will enjoy (with perhaps a coupon for baby sitting so they can watch the movie).
  8. Housewarming Basket: For a couple just starting out on their own, you could buy a laundry basket and include things that they may not think of for their new place: matching kitchen towels and dishwashing clothes, potholders, a kitchen timer, a meat thermometer, measuring spoons and cups, corn holders, and some basic spices. You could also include ingredients for a first meal, like spaghetti.
  9. Wedding Basket: For newlyweds, you could go with several themes: if they are going on a cruise, go with things they might need: sunscreen, books to read, lotion, body wash, sea sickness medication, brochures about the areas they will visit, a nice thick bath sheet for each, and so on. If they are flying, you could put together a little bag of things to keep them distracted on the flight, particularly, if one or both dislikes flying. Ideas include magazines on subjects they enjoy, books, CDs if they have a portable player, a DVD if they have a portable player, cards so that they can play something together, or things like that. If they are going somewhere you’ve been, you can include a list of suggested restaurants, sites to see, and so on. Another idea is colorful hand towels rolled up in a basket that they can used to hold the towels in their bathroom.
  10. Hostess gift basket: A nice gift for the hostess of a party, particularly a large one, might be a basket with a bottle of wine, some cheeses and crackers, and a DVD. For a winter season gift, you could put in hot chocolate, marshmallows, a throw, and a good book.


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