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Really Good Websites (October 2008)

It is that time again – well, actually, well past that time, but hey, I’ve got a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old.  I’m doing my best!  I’ve got a list of fifteen interesting, excellent, useful, weird, and/or wonderful websites to share.  Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. TypeRacer – a useful site that will help you build typing speed in a competitive environment.  In addition, you can add it to MySpace, or so they say, so you can race your friends.  I joined and I’ve been enjoying this for a while each night.
  2. The Simple Dollar:  in particular, this article:  http://www.thesimpledollar.com/2008/02/06/little-steps-100-great-tips-for-saving-money-for-those-just-getting-started  .  This site has some great articles and wonderful advice for those trying to save some money.
  3. Zen Habits – ok, I know I’ve mentioned this site before; it bears repeating.  This is a wonderful article for those trying to pinch pennies.  I highly recommend looking at the site overall.
  4. The Dollar Stretcher – I found some great ideas here.  There is a wide variety of information: articles on whether to sell the truck or not,  credit card tips for college students, 401(k) considerations, home furnishings, and 8 ways to consolidate debt.  I recommend taking a look; not everything will appeal to everyone and – as always, for serious issues, consider the source and think about whether you need more research.  Still, I think this is a good source for ideas.
  5. Being Frugal – here is a GREAT source of information, tips, and advice.  This is actually a reference to a specific article, but I found the home a good source of information too.  Poke around, check it out, do some reading.  I expect that all of us, regardless of income and financial situation, could use ways to save some money.
  6. The Frugal Law Student – I found this article particularly helpful.  It contains tips the author found through articles, blogs, etc., on ways to save money.  You should certainly be able to find SOME that apply to you, or some that you find helpful here.    In terms of the blog itself, there are sections on Law School, Frugality, Personal Finance, Productivity, and Career.  I highly recommend taking a look at it.
  7. Homeschool.com – as a parent, I found this a particularly interesting site.  I fully intend to spend some time browsing there, once I find a few minutes.  This article on the top 100 Educational Sites is very good.
  8. Solve Your Problem – this site has self-improvement, self-help, and personal growth articles.  I can’t vouch for everything – there is simply too much to see and read.  However, I will say that there is a lot of information/advice/etc.  there.

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Really Useful Websites (July 2008)

  1. CCleaner – This is a great (and free) download that will erase unused files on your computer, and clean up your system.  It will protect your privacy by doing things like clearing your browser history.  It is really quick.
  2. Shareware.com – this site has some nice things.  I like the fact that they tell you if something has been tested and is spyware free.  I like the range of things available there and the fact that they include reviews.  They also tell you if the “free” part is simply a trial period.
  3. The Franklin Institute Resources for Science Learning – What a fantastic site! I particularly found the part on the brain interesting; it includes some exercises you can do to help retain your mental acuity.  There is a section for learners and one for educators.  Under the section for learners, you will also find information on careers in science and technology, recommended links, information on the earth, time, and other things.  Looks like a great site to spend some time exploring!
  4. Puzzle Games from RinkWorks – There is an old saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”  It is a good idea to do routine things differently from time to time, to do puzzles, to problem solve – all to stretch your mind a bit and break out of the routine that most people find themselves in.  Here is a site with some puzzles and links to other sources as well.  I love one of their other sites: Computer Stupidities, which is GREAT for a laugh.
  5. Gamequarium – this site has some interesting links to various games, puzzles, and the like on subjects like oceanography, animals, natural disasters, matter, electricity, and the human body.  I only took a few minutes to look into it but it looks like it would be a good educational/fun resource for kids.  Of course, I did notice on one page that it said the links had been verified in 2006, so I’m sure some are outdated now.
  6. Smithsonian Education – I can’t imagine not being able to recommend a Smithsonian site. This one is fantastic. It has sections for educators, families, and students.  Each one has great qualities.  For teachers, there are lesson plans, a way to search for resources, and information on state standards of learning.  You can also find Smithsonian photos in Flickr for the classroom!  For families, there are activity sheets for kids, help in planning a visit to the Smithsonian, and information on child-friendly exhibits in the Smithsonian, DC, and in other places.  For students, there are ways to explore by topic, quizzes, and a section called Smithsonian Kids.
  7. Education Portal – I haven’t had a lot of time to check this site out but it appears to have a good deal of information about online courses and the like all in one place.  I cannot say how reliable it is, but I would say that it is certainly a good place to start if you are looking for information on free online courses or online education in general.
  8. MITOpenCourseware – I believe I may have mentioned this one before, but it bears repeating if so.  MIT offers a large number of courses online for free.  You can also get a monthly update of courses and news.  The courses “May include syllabus, lecture notes, problem and answer sets, labs, readings and reading lists, videos, special features, more” (from their site.) What an incredible opportunity for those who aren’t actually attending!

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