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    • http://innerchildfun.com/2011/08/10-rainy-day-activities-for-kids.html – this has some great ideas, including painting, using a laundry basket as a boat, and more.  The site is great – there are other ideas, such as crafts, activities and tutorials.  I highly recommend checking it out.
    • http://www.oprah.com/relationships/Rainy-Day-Kids-Activity-List-Unique-Ideas-for-Indoor-Play – I really like Oprah’s website overall anyway; there are categories for spiritual, health, relationships, books and more, as well as videos, newsletters.  This particular list is really nice.  There are games like Binocular Scavenger Hunt and Paper Airplane Relay, as well as Family Fashion Show and greeting cards that you can plant.
    • http://www.lilsugar.com/Rainy-Day-Activities-Kids-23437274 – I’ve never checked out lilsugar.com before, but I’m going to now.  This is a great list – very creative.  One idea involves cutting a pool noodle lengthwise and racing marbles in the groove!  I know my seven-year-old loves to see how fast things go.  He’d love this.  Another idea that I love is creating an indoor herb garden; this is a bit more involved and requires some preparation but it is lovely and will eventually be very useful.
    • http://www.thedailygreen.com/living-green/blogs/organic-parenting/rainy-day-activities-47041904 – this site is wonderful, especially if you want to teach your children about environmental issues.  The list of rainy day activities is good as well.  It includes cooking (baking), beading with found objects, and dress-up (not the usual kind – take the opportunity to try on clothes the kids might be getting ready to grow into!).  Other ideas include wrapping up and going to jump in puddles (after all, you DO go play in the snow – why not splash a little?)
    • http://play-activities.com/25-rainy-day-activities-for-kids/ – this list also has some cute ideas, such as Racing Water drops, Playing in the Bath, Shaving Cream, Tracing Finger on a Track (developing fine motor skills), and Creating a Sensory Tub.
    • http://voices.yahoo.com/40-rainy-day-activities-3385168.html –  these are not all aimed at adults, but they certainly CAN be adult activities: movie marathon, have a craft day, sort photos, fix broken things, sort out cupboards, bake a batch of cookies or bread, take a long indulgent bath, or work on mending.  Other ideas away from home include going to an art gallery, go to the library, visit a shut-in, volunteer somewhere you can make a difference, learn a home improvement skill at a home center, or having your tires rotated.
    • http://trailstop.wordpress.com/tag/rainy-day-activities-adults/  –  this list has some nice ideas: take a walk in the rain, enjoy a cup of a warm beverage afterward, garden in the rain, fish, curl up with a good book and listen to the rain.
    • http://www.visitvirginiabeach.com/visitors/articles/rainy_day_activities.aspx  – Ok, I admit it – this one is aimed at my local friends or possibly visitors to my area.  What can I say – this one is for me…lol.   I have to say that the list is short.  Apparently we have a rock climbing facility here (that was news to me), as well as a lovely aquarium, a modern art museum, and several historical sites.  I will add that the Chrysler Museum (http://www.chrysler.org/ ) is closed for expansion and renovation.  I can’t wait to see it when it is finished.
    • http://www.buzzle.com/articles/rainy-day-activities-for-adults.html  – Buzzle seems to be an interesting site.  I saw fiction that you could read, featured articles, news, and poems, as well as other sections.  I’m going to have to go check the general site out as well, but this article has some good suggestions for rainy days: write letters, scrapbook, play board games, make up a circle with family members as you sit in a circle, do your hair, and look at childhood pictures, to start.
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I did not create any of these pages but I found some of the links/apps/et cetera pretty useful.  I hope you will as well.

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