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Really Useful Websites (June 2008)

  1. Job Hunter’s Bible – the official site for the book “What Color is Your Parachute?”. I haven’t read the book, but I did find useful information/advice here.
  2. Eight Letters in Search of a WordThis is a fantastic addiction; each level has eight letters. There is at least ONE eight-letter word to be formed. You get points for each letter you use. In addition, you must reach a certain point level before time runs out.
  3. Lunchtimers – This is a cute little thing; well, it can be. You can spend a bit of time here, basically chatting with magnetic refrigerator letters. Ok, some players can be crude but it is kind of cute. In addition, they have other games. A definite time-waster.
  4. Spirograph – If you’ve missed playing with a Spirograph, now you can do it online (of course!). No more paper! (Well, if you insist, you can still buy an actual physical one, I think, but I loved this one.)
  5. 1980s Games – Ok, I admit it; I was feeling nostalgic. I loved some of the games from the 1980s so when I found a site online that allowed me to play them for free, I got excited. This is a pretty good site – there were a lot of games I had never even heard of (well, perhaps I’ve forgotten a few…). Anyway, take a look, if you’re waxing nostalgic, like I was.
  6. Unique IQ Tests – this is an interesting one. It is a collection of puzzles. Complete it to see how sharp you are (or aren’t!).
  7. RinkWorks – I think that this site has been around awhile (a long while, really) but it is worth revisiting. I seem to remember spending quite a bit of time browsing their “Computer Stupidities” section. In the humor section, there are summarized books and movies (much funnier than that sounds) and things people said (among other things). Then, there is a section for games and puzzles. All in all, plenty to keep you from your tasks.
  8. Google notebook:  I love this idea from Google.  You can save clips from sites you find online, plus you can save urls with notes in “notebooks.”  This way, you can move the clips/notes around, put then in notebooks by subject, create sections, and so forth.  It is a great way to organize information that you find online and need and/or want to remember.
  9. K Schweizer – a wonderful site for journals, glass pens and pens of other types, inks, handmade journals and so on.  I love it.
  10. Solitaire Central – this is a great site.  It has links to a good number of online solitaire games, as well as rules of variations, and downloads.
  11. Drinknation – I thought this was helpful.  You can check the ingredients that you have and it will list the drinks you can make with those ingredients.
  12. Shopping List (Google) – I’ve never noticed this before, so I have no idea how long it has been available, but I think this is rather nice.  Apparently, you can also make a Wish List via google, which is great since the products on it will not be specific to one website.  I love this idea.  You can add items from your shopping list to your wish list, and you can send your wish list to people.
  13. The Innerwords Messenger – here is a list of self-care tips that is really nice.  The back issues of the newsletter are also good reading.
  14. Name a Star – The international star registry; this is a site where you can name a star as a gift.  I thought it was an interesting idea – something for the person who has everything.  Everyone has at least one in their family!  On the other hand, you may want to take a look at this beforehand, from Space.com.
  15. Makeuseof.com – I’m not really sure HOW to describe this one, other than to say you could spend a bit of time here.  There is an interesting article on “40 Unusual Websites You Should Bookmark” but there is more there than that.  There is a blog, web applications, tips, and reviews.

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