15 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Now, I have to admit, this has taken some time and effort.  My husband, father of my two children, is not particularly easy to buy gifts for; he likes very specific types of games, very specific types of books, and very specific electronic items.  He doesn’t wear ties, doesn’t wear long sleeved shirts or sweaters, and doesn’t play golf.  This holiday almost always stumps me.  So, this year I thought I might brainstorm in advance and share what I come up with, in the hopes that it helps someone else out there with a similar problem.

  1. Sports gift basket: tickets to a game (obviously, has to be one that is currently playing…lol – like baseball), plus a shirt for his team, a hat, or something else team-oriented.  Sunscreen could be good, if the game will be outside during the day.
  2. Handmade “certificates”: good for “one day out without complaint,” “one day without taking out the trash,” “one day child-free,” “one day out with the guys – with no complaints,” and anything else you might think he’d enjoy.
  3. For the reader: handmade bookmarks, preferably by your child(ren).
  4. Also for the reader: a container with his favorite beverage, a snack, and a book (or gift certificate to a book store.)
  5. Dinner: with your little (or not so little) helpers, make his favorite dinner and have all of the family eat together.
  6. Little every-day gifts:  Really listen when he talks.  Take pictures of him with the kids – frame his favorites.  Push him and the kids out the door with balls, rackets, etc. so they can play together.
  7. Touching: Write him a letter about how much you appreciate what he does as a father.  Have your kids write one too.
  8. Nuts: If he likes nuts, buy a big container of them and attach a handmade decoration that says “We’re Nuts About Daddy.”
  9. For a wife to give: go with him to do something that you don’t normally: monster truck rally, sports event, paintball, fishing, or learn to do something that he enjoys (like his hobby).
  10. Cute:  A bottle of soda with a tie and a note: For the Best Pop Ever
  11. For the reader (2): have the kids make book marks, then laminate them (or use the laminating sheets you can get at an office supply store).
  12. Quotable: Find a touching quote about fatherhood, print in a nice font on nice paper and frame.
  13. Picture:  Frame his favorite picture of the family in a beautiful frame – or have it professionally framed.
  14. Brag book: make sure his wallet pictures or his brag book is updated – or replace it with something nice.
  15. Shocking thought:  ask him what he would like MOST for father’s day…

To be honest, I had hoped to have more ideas…but I didn’t allow myself enough time this year.  And I didn’t take into account that I would get sick just before needing to plan two birthday parties and Father’s Day.  Sigh.  At any rate, this list is a start.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments.  I’m looking for more ideas too!


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