May 2010 Really Useful Sites

May 2010 – hard to believe we are already 5 months into the year.  And yet – here we are.  Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, warming temperatures…so much happens this month.  Here are some sites that I have found that are very helpful.  I hope that they will help you as well.  If you have suggestions for future articles, please email me or comment below! 🙂

  • Mother’s Day
    •’s_Day – this is an interesting Wikipedia article on the day(s) celebrating mothers and motherhood.  It contains the various dates used, as well as history and traditions from other countries.
    •’s_Day – this site contains ideas or links for crafts, gifts, parities, books, songs, and famous mothers, among many other things.  Very interesting and very useful!  Ther are links for funny quotes about women, Christian mother quotes, quotes by famous mothers, funny mother’s day quotes, single mother quotes, and sayings for grandmothers, for example.  I recommend taking a look!
    • – this site has sections on celebrations, history, Mother’s Day Proclamation, as well as gift ideas.  It has some really good ideas and is well-organized.  Everything is easy to find.
  • Memorial Day
    • – This site is very nice.  There is a calendar, as well as sections for history, a prayer, e-cards (links to sites that provide Memorial Day e-cards),  and grief and healing.  The information and/or links have been carefully gathered and organized.   I highly recommend taking  a look and reading some of the information; it is well worth the time to really get a view of the true meaning of Memorial Day.
    • – the History Channel site is fantastic in general.  This section indicates that there are 23 videos, 2 speeches, and photos.   There are also links to specific people, areas like Arlington National Cemetery, and events and related topics.
    • – this site suggests ways to recognize the day and celebrate safely, links to war stories, descriptions of the origins, suggestions on ways to support the troops, as well as patriotic songs.  It is an interesting list of links.  There are also safety links to help you enjoy the holiday weekend safely.
  • Warning Signs – Heat and Sun and Dehydration.  It is so very important to pay attention to how much time you spend out in sun and heat.  I realize that it is only May, but we have already had temperatures around 90.  The humidity is right up there as well.  So – despite the fact it makes me feel like a mother hen – here are some pages with information on sunscreen, symptoms of sun stroke, heat stroke, and other heat/summer type issues.  Please, please, please pay attention.  Melanoma can kill you before you know you’re sick; I know – our family has a history of it.
    • – there are actually articles here on keeping cool in summer, sunscreen, and more.
    • – this site contains good information form a collegiate site on dehydration and heat stroke.  Good information – it is easier than you may think to become dehydrated.
    • – this is a very helpful site for information on heat exhaustion.  People tend to think that they are fine, until they’ve pushed themselves to the limit.  Please look at this.  People most at risk are the elderly, people with high blood pressure and people who exercise or work in hot temperatures.

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