A Letter to My Daughter on Her First Birthday

My sweet little girl,

I cannot tell you how much I have treasured this year, even though I’ve been exhausted for most of it. It is absolutely incredible to watch you discover the world around you and to discover the fact that you can interact with it.  I’ve watched you go from a tiny, helpless infant to a determined girl with a mind of her own.  You obviously have places that you want to go, to explore and all you want from those of us around you is perhaps a hand to chew on or hold on to while you pull up.

You seem to be a very determined, strong girl, sweetheart.  It has broken my heart to watch you struggle with the seizures that started at about 9 months, but you have adapted to the point that you frequently go right back to playing as soon as they pass.  Sometimes you barely even blink through the seizure.  I am quite certain that you will do ANYTHING that you put your mind to, regardless of what it is.

I love you more than words can say and I already admire your grit.




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