Really Useful Websites (April 2008)

  1. – This site has a wealth of information. There are links to anti-spyware, anti-virus software, games for download, office tools, internet tools, things for Macs, and toys, among many other things. You do have to take a look at the links; some items are shareware, some are “free” (but fairly limited) and so on. Still, there is a nice selection of things for download there.
  2. 80s Nostalgia – It has a bit on fashion, a game, sound files, memories, and a message board.  If you love the 1980s – or remember it fondly – this is a great site to explore!
  3. Smithsonian Photography Initiative – an ongoing project to explore how photography changes our lives.  Currently, experts in the field are exploring how it has changed various disciplines like sports, medicine, philosophy.  Eventually, they will be taking submissions from ordinary people (as well as comments) on how it influences peoples’ lives.
  4. Strange new products – This is an amusing site that looks into the latest (and strangest) entries into the marketplace.  And to think I thought my DREAMS were weird; I don’t think my dreams have contained anything quite like these things.
  5. Dryer Lint Page – Wow.  Who knew?  There is a site devoted to dryer lint.  It includes a list of uses for it.
  6. What Should I Read Next – you can build a list of your favorite books and get suggestions on what to read next.
  7. Online Conversions – this site is very, very useful.  You can convert almost anything to something else.  It includes conversions of clothes sizes from one country to another, astronomical units, cooking units, finance calculators, speed, viscosity, and a miscellaneous category.  I recommend taking a look – or remembering the site for later.
  8. DaFont – lots and lots of free fonts for both PC and Mac.  I haven’t actually installed any yet, but there are a wide range of choices and it looks like it is easy to do.
  9. Liveplasma – good way to expand your musical and movie tastes.  You enter a name of a group or an actor that you like and it returns recommendations.
  10. Keybr – a website on which you can practice typing.  It has a game (the practice section), information on keyboards, information about the site.
  11. Language is a Virus – this website has many, many games to help you with writer’s block, as well as writing prompts.  In addition, you can post your work.
  12. Zoho – an online package.  It includes spreadsheets, word processing, presentation, notes, web conferencing, project management software, and more.
  13. – this is a useful site indeed (ha!).  It gathers job ads from various sources in one place.  I love it.
  14. iTools – this site has search, reference, internet, map,  and other tools on it.


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2 responses to “Really Useful Websites (April 2008)

  1. Tim

    Thanks for including on your list!


  2. mmiller

    You are more than welcome – thanks for responding!


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