Really Useful Websites (February 2008)

My original idea was to share useful reference websites each month. While that is helpful and (could be) interesting, I have rethought that. I find enough offbeat, wacky, useful, fun, and interesting/educational websites that I decided I should change my focus and make it a bit broader. So…here is a bit of what I found this month:

  1. The Cute Project: a collection of all sorts of cuteness – great for brightening a day
  2. Backpackit: keep your notes, to do lists, idea lists, calendar online; good organizational tool
  3. Jackson Pollock – create a masterpiece online. Click on the screen to change colors. Press any key to start over.
  4. We Are What We Do – actions to change the world; this is a list to track actions that you are taking to make a difference.
  5. ASL Fingerspelling – allows you to practice American Sign Language fingerspelling
  6. Project Linus: this is a wonderful group that provides comfort in the form of handmade blankets/afghans (made by volunteers) to children (of a wide range of ages) who are going through or have been through trauma of some sort.
  7. MIT Opencourseware: MIT has a site that provides free lecture notes, exams, and other materials from over 1800 courses.
  8. The Generator Blog: this is just amusing on a number of different levels. You can generate all sorts of things from road work signs to Absolute Bottle Signs to calendars, cat names, and chocolate bars.
  9. The Elements of Style by William Strunk on Bartleby – very helpful for writers, students, office workers, and anyone who wants to improve their writing.
  10. The Chicago Manual of Style Online
  11. The Startspot Network: this is a great source for a wide variety of information. There are various “spots”, including LibrarySpot, MuseumSpot, BookSpot, HeadlineSpot, and GeneologySpot. Each one goes to its own page and contains links to other sources of information. For example, the BookSpot page has categories such as “Behind the Book” with information on authors, publishers, pod casts, and so on; “Genre Corner” with information on children’s books, romance, mystery, etc.; “Must See Sites”, “Genre Spotlight”, and so on.
  12. The Internet Public Library: Health and Medical Sciences: plenty of links to helpful information; obviously, there are also other categories than Heath and Medical Sciences.
  13. The Mayo Clinic
  14. Medical Dictionary
  15. Parenting Toddlers: helpful information for those raising toddlers

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