Stress Relief Gift Ideas

You can put together simple baskets with various products that help reduce stress. Some ideas include the following:

  1. Music lovers. Find a nice basket and include the following: a relaxation CD, a CD of classical music or lullabies, nature sounds, and/or a CD or two of the recipient’s favorite music (preferably something soothing, not violent or vibrant). You could also include tickets to a concert, a video tape of a concert that the recipient wanted to see, or something along those lines.
  2. Spa basket. Find a nice basket, line it with a soft washcloth or hand towel. Then put a container of bath salts or bath oils, a bottle of scented bubble bath, an inflatable pillow, and body lotion. You could include a bath blanket and/or slippers if you wanted to make a complete spa basket, or simply use the scented products for a smaller basket.
  3. Aromatherapy basket. Good ideas for an aromatherapy basket include scented candles, candle holders, matches or some way to light the candles. You could also include incense and an incense holder, if the recipient likes incense.
  4. Humor basket. Fill a basket with humorous comic strips, funny books, tapes of comedians, or videos of comedian “concerts”. Go with the favorites of the recipient or of people or comics that you think they would enjoy.
  5. Exercise/relaxation basket: Be careful with this one, since it could give the wrong impression. However, you can create a nice basket with relaxation tapes, books on yoga, a yoga mat (would require a bigger basket!), and the like. Another choice would be books on meditation, candles, candle holders, and similar items.
  6. Soup/crackers/cheese basket: A large soup mug/bowl, a can or two of the recipient’s favorite soup, and a package of crackers and some cheese would make a nice basket for someone. Soup is frequently considered a comfort food, particularly in cold weather.

Another suggestion is to simply take the stressed person out to lunch or dinner and simply lend a friendly ear. Sometimes simply talking, whether it is about the stressors or not, helps tremendously.



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2 responses to “Stress Relief Gift Ideas

  1. Another great gift is a stress ball. A stress ball is a soft, malleable toy, one that is squeezed in the hand and used to relieve stress. The typical stress ball contains a gel of different densities inside of a rubber or cloth skin, and although they are typically sphere shaped they are available in a variety of sizes and forms. This works wonders for me. I am sure it will work for others also.


  2. mmiller

    You’re right. I can’t believe I didn’t include that – since I have one sitting on my desk! Thank you for the description as well!


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