Gift Baskets for Groups

It is fairly easy to put together a gift basket for groups of people or for multiple recipients. The choice of contents, as usual, simply depends on the recipients. In this case, the environment (office, family, siblings, whole families, church groups, et cetera) also makes a difference.

For offices, some ideas are as follows:

  • Mix of snack items: pretzels (chocolate-covered or plain), nuts (should be a sealed package in case of allergies), popcorn, seasonal candies, cheese and crackers, and so on.
  • Hot chocolates/teas/coffees: It would be easy to buy a variety of whichever of those you chose, then mix and match in a basket. You could even use the multiple packages to put together several similar baskets. If you create a coffee basket, you could include non-dairy creamers (the powdered versions). Another idea is to buy boxes of each (or packages of each, like sampler packages of flavored coffees and flavored hot chocolates) and make a combination basket for an office.
  • Cheese/sausage/pepperoni
  • Mini-muffins
  • Candies – include sugarfree, non-chocolate

If you are talking about a gift basket for multiple adults, then you might consider the following ideas:

  • Poker supplies
  • Card games, pads of paper for score-keeping, and pencils or pens
  • Mixture of candies or snacks (as above)
  • The ingredients for a meal they might enjoy (like fixings for spaghetti, pizza, or soup)

For families, the choices really aren’t much different – it just depends on tastes and on how much you want to spend:

  • Selection of candies: chocolate and non-chocolate, fancy or regular
  • Selection of cookies: homemade is always wonderful, but there is nothing wrong with a variety of store-bought, either!
  • Selection of games: cards, dice (like for a game called “10,000”, Yahtzee, or other small games make a nice basket, if you know that is what they enjoy.
  • Movie night basket: pick a movie that the recipients like or include a gift card to a rental place. Then pick out candies, popcorn, and a soda. Put it all in a big bowl for the popcorn. And there you go – movie night!
  • Pizza making kit: it is easy to find the ingredients for an easy pizza at the supermarket these days. Simply pick out the base, some pre-grated mozzerella (or a cheese they prefer), a jar of pizza sauce and maybe some pepperoni and you are set. If you aren’t going to be able to give it to them quickly, you may want to leave out the cheese and just let the recipients pick the one refrigerated ingredient themselves.
  • Food/games: this could be a combination of snacks and small games like Yahtzee, “10,000”, cards, and so on. If you put the items in a basket with a top or a plastic organizer, then they can store it that way normally, which is nice.

For children, the choices are incredible. A few ideas are:

  • Mad Libs, puzzles, word searches, pencils, pens and paper
  • Mixes of candies/cookies
  • Mix of both of the above

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