Quote Jars

I came up with this idea of a quote “container” for my mother about four (maybe five) years ago. She enjoys those quote-a-day calendars and I wanted to make something for her, but couldn’t find what I thought would be a good way to make a calendar like that for her. So I decided to make something along the lines of fortunes for her.

I spent quite a while gathering 370 quotes or so – I like to have extras for some reason. There are a lot of great quote sites out there; I went to one that has random quotes and found quite a few. I also found some for specific topics, like quotes from women and I think there might have been one with Winston Churchill quotes. For my mother, I decided to focus on humorous quotes, religious quotes, and motivational quotes. I knew she was having a hard time overall so I wanted things that would cheer her up.

When I was done, I spaced them out so they could be easily cut out when printed and printed them on colored paper. One year I used pastel papers, the next I used bright colors. I usually alternate, since each package of paper was quite large. For several years, I did quotes in different fonts, but several of them turned out to be more difficult to read so I finally settled on one nice, easily readible font for last year’s gift.

Once they were cut out, I folded them up fairly well (in half, then in half again). I ended up with quite a pile of little bits of folded paper. It is actually rather pretty. I decided I needed a nice container to put them in. I found a large plastic container with a plastic lid at a craft store, cross stitched a little design on perforated plastic and glued that to the lid. Then I put the folded quotes in the decorated container.

Since that first year, I usually just give her a zippered plastic bag filled with the new quotes. It is not as elegant perhaps, but it is simple and she loves it. Of course, another alternative is to simply put them in a sealable gift bag of some sort or a decorated gift box.

My mother has enjoyed her gift so much that she now makes these as gifts for friends.

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