Ideas for Simple Thank You Gifts

There are so many occasions on which a small gift is appropriate that it can be difficult to come up with different ideas. The gift you give should, first of all, reflect the interests of the recipient. Just putting enough effort into the gift to show that you really thought about is important. So, what do they like to do? What do they like to read or listen to? What colors or scents do they like? Is the gift a family gift? That would broaden your range a bit. Some ideas that I’ve come up with, been given, or given myself over the years are as follows:

  1. Movie night basket: Buy a gift card to a movie rental place and place it in a basket with microwave popcorn, several kinds of candy and a soda. Rather than using a basket, in fact, you could use a large bowl for the popcorn; you can get those inexpensively from garage sales, flea markets, or a “dollar” store.
  2. For the candle lover: Simply buy a pillar candle and a candle holder. Chose a scent and/or color that the recipient would like or that would match the decor. Another idea is a candle accessory; a candle snuffer is nice, and now they make a wide range of decorations for candles.
  3. For the wine lover: There are all sorts of decorations for wine glasses now that are inexpensive; they make your drink distinctively your own at a party. Of course, another idea is to select a moderately priced bottle of wine that you enjoy to share with your friend.
  4. For the gardener: Buy a simple pot, place gardening gloves, a tool or two, and maybe some seeds in it. Another idea is to buy them a small plant, either indoor or something that can later be placed outdoors.
  5. For the book lover: Find several books in a genre that they enjoy and tie them together with a ribbon or something that could be used as a book mark (or two). If there is something that you’ve read and you think they might enjoy it, share that with them, with a note explaining that you thought they’d enjoy it.
  6. For the pet owner: Put together a basket for their pet; include some treats (be sure they aren’t on a special diet), a brush, maybe some toys.
  7. For the music lover: Pay attention to new releases in a genre that they like, look at reviews or ask others who like the same thing about what is “hot” and buy a CD or two. If they have a favorite artist and don’t have the latest album, that’s a good way to go.
  8. For an artistic person: Buy some supplies for their favorite type of project. Actually, an even simpler idea is to get a gift card to their favorite craft store or hobby shop. Put that in a nice card with a personalized note.
  9. For the coffee lover: Give them the gift of caffeine; if they love coffee from a coffee shop, then a gift card from said shop would always be welcome. Something else that makes a good gift for a coffee lover is a bag of their favorite gourmet coffee with a nice mug.
  10. Take them to their favorite restaurant for dinner, then go to a movie.

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