10 Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets make great gifts and they don’t have to be particularly expensive. Some ingredients mentioned below can be purchased from “dollar stores” or flea markets (like mugs, candles, candle holders, some bath products, lotions, etc.) Here are some ideas that I’ve had on how to put one together without spending too much.

  1. Movie night basket: Get a gift card to a movie rental place for whatever denomination that you think is appropriate, perhaps enough for two movies. Buy movie sized candy bars or boxes of candy, some microwave popcorn, and a two-liter of soda. Place all of these in a basket or box of a suitable size; craft stores often have sales on baskets, or you may find a suitable container at a flea market or yard sale.
  2. Mini loaf basket: Buy some quick bread mix or muffin mix from the store. Mix up and bake mini loaves. You can make several baskets with the loaves. Cushion the bottom of the basket with new dish towels or something else useful like potholders, and place the loaves on it.
  3. Italian night basket: Buy a large colander, put a box of spaghetti in it, along with a nice jar of sauce, some Parmesan cheese, and a fresh loaf of Italian bread. You could include garlic powder or garlic salt and a dessert item as well.
  4. Chocolates basket: If you know someone that likes a particular type of chocolate, like Ghirardelli, buy a selection of candy bars or smaller pieces and put them in a handmade bag or a nice basket lined with a nice piece of cloth. You could tie the candy bars with a nice ribbon as well.
  5. A Get-Well-Quick Basket: For someone with a cold, you could buy several cans of soup, a large mug to eat it out of, some crackers, and maybe something like hot chocolate or a type of tea. You could also add something to do to the basket, like a book, some crossword puzzles, or a movie to watch.
  6. New Baby Basket: A nice gift for a new mother might be a gift basket of little things for the baby, things that people may or may not think to give her at the baby shower: a thermometer, baby washclothes, nail clippers, baby toothbrush, baby cold medicine, baby Tylenol, baby Q-tips, toddler spoons, toddler feeding sets, and the like.
  7. Another new-baby-related basket: Another idea for gifts for new parents is a gift basket for them. You could include bath salts, a bath poof, and body wash, as well as a book for the father, his favorite snacks, and a movie that both will enjoy (with perhaps a coupon for baby sitting so they can watch the movie).
  8. Housewarming Basket: For a couple just starting out on their own, you could buy a laundry basket and include things that they may not think of for their new place: matching kitchen towels and dishwashing clothes, potholders, a kitchen timer, a meat thermometer, measuring spoons and cups, corn holders, and some basic spices. You could also include ingredients for a first meal, like spaghetti.
  9. Wedding Basket: For newlyweds, you could go with several themes: if they are going on a cruise, go with things they might need: sunscreen, books to read, lotion, body wash, sea sickness medication, brochures about the areas they will visit, a nice thick bath sheet for each, and so on. If they are flying, you could put together a little bag of things to keep them distracted on the flight, particularly, if one or both dislikes flying. Ideas include magazines on subjects they enjoy, books, CDs if they have a portable player, a DVD if they have a portable player, cards so that they can play something together, or things like that. If they are going somewhere you’ve been, you can include a list of suggested restaurants, sites to see, and so on. Another idea is colorful hand towels rolled up in a basket that they can used to hold the towels in their bathroom.
  10. Hostess gift basket: A nice gift for the hostess of a party, particularly a large one, might be a basket with a bottle of wine, some cheeses and crackers, and a DVD. For a winter season gift, you could put in hot chocolate, marshmallows, a throw, and a good book.


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2 responses to “10 Gift Basket Ideas

  1. These are really great gift basket ideas. You can also create great corporate gift baskets with any assortment of products that don’t necessarily have to follow a particular theme. This site has some cool individual products that you can toss together to make a neat gift basket: http://corporate-gift-trends.blogspot.com/.


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