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Good Gifts for New Mothers – or Mothers-To-Be

Through personal experience, I’ve begun to discover that perhaps showers should also include gifts for the mother-to-be as well. I realize that there are a lot of ways that I can help mothers-to-be or new mothers, ways that they may not even be aware of or may be too tired to contemplate.

  1. Gift certificate for pedicure, especially toward the end of the pregnancy
  2. Gift of a day or two of cooking, cleaning, and generally letting the pregnant woman DO NOTHING
  3. Watching any other children so she can rest
  4. Babysitting so she and the father can sleep, go out together, or whatever else they may need to do
  5. Laundry, cook, clean – other general housework
  6. Address and mail thank you notes (note: not write them)
  7. Check the mail (for those in townhouse or apartment communities where the mailboxes are not close to the house)
  8. Cook something, put it in a freezable container, and put it in their freezer so that they can have a home-cooked meal when they don’t feel like cooking.
  9. Do their grocery shopping for them, or run errands.
  10. Ask them what you can do for them, then do it.
  11. Put together a gift basket of self-care products like lotion, soft slippers, bath beads, etc.
  12. Watch her child so she can get her hair cut
  13. A nice outfit in her post-pregnancy size
  14. Gift certificates for Target/Wal-Mart/other places that might have baby things as well as other items so she can get what she needs
  15. An ear to listen when she needs to talk
  16. A maid to clean the house a few weeks after the baby is born
  17. Cook some meals and freeze them a few weeks after the baby is born.
  18. Call to check on everybody – but not too frequently.
  19. What to Expect The First Year and What to Expect – The Toddler Years.
  20. Spa-at-home things: body wash, moisturizer, skin care kit, etc.
  21. Gift basket of her favorite foods that she couldn’t eat while pregnant but can eat while nursing (or gift certificate to the restaurants)
  22. Call her or stay in touch

Please feel free to comment with other suggestions and I will add them to the list.

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